Spinach Salad with Tarragon

When making Turkish chickpea soup with farro, I found that one bunch of spinach actually gave me a lot more than the two cups needed for the soup.  So I was left with a decision to make: overload the soup with spinach, or make something else to go with it.  I chose the latter, and made a salad.  Sometimes the best recipes come together by just looking around and tossing whatever you have on hand into a bowl!

This salad combines juicy tomatoes, crisp apples, salty feta, spicy tarragon and sweet balsamic glace to create a brightly flavored salad perfect for summer.  Balsamic glace is a reduction of balsamic vinegar and I think it works well with salads as well as desserts, pasta and grilled vegetables/meats.

For the salad, you will need:
  • 3 C spinach leaves
  • 4-5 small tomatoes (I used Campari tomatoes)
  • 1/2 large apple
  • 2 Tbsp tarragon leaves
  • 2 oz feta
  • 2 Tbsp olive oil
  • 1 Tbsp balsamic glace

Tear or roughly chop the spinach leaves.  I used regular spinach, but baby spinach leaves would work just as well.  Put them into a medium bowl.

Next, quarter all of your tomatoes.  Toss them in the bowl with the spinach.

Now halve your apple and remove the core.  I left the skin on for color and nutrition, but it's up to you to peel it or leave it.  Slice the apple thinly and then cut the slices into three pieces, forming small apple bites.  Add those to the bowl.

Coarsely chop your tarragon leaves and add them to the salad.

Toss the salad to distribute the tarragon before adding in the wet ingredients.

Now crumble in the feta, toss and drizzle with the olive oil and balsamic glace.  Serve promptly, before the vegetables have a chance to release water and get things soggy.

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