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Bostneulis Supi: A Delicious Summer Soup

Have you ever lived in a rental apartment or house?  Why is it that the overwhelming majority of them have the most awful stoves ever made?  It seems like the worst stoves are just reserved for rental units.  And it's not just here.  I've seen unlevel, uneven-heating stoves in Houston, in Moscow and most recently here in the Twin Cities.  But now I am so happy to say that we have bought our first home, and it has a gas stove!  I was so tired of electric stoves that this was really one of the must-haves when we were looking.  It is so nice to be able to regulate the heat properly!  It's still not quite level, but overall, this 20-year-old gas stove works better than any electric stove I've used up to this point. So without further ado, I will share a soup that I just made on it! Bostneulis supi  is a Georgian summer soup that I've borrowed the recipe for from Darra Goldstein's The Georgian Feast .  It takes advantage of fresh summer vegetables and even fru

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