A New Cook in the Kitchen

Well, someday, anyway...

For those of you who have been wondering where I've been, and why this blog has been so sorely neglected for the past several months, allow me to introduce to you the reason.

Presenting my daughter, Zina Eileen, born February 21, 2013.

For now, I'm sure things will continue to be slow on the blog.  Eventually though, I hope that she will be as much of a helper in the kitchen as Bulldozer.  She already likes to sit in her bouncy chair in the kitchen when I'm cooking (as long as I'm only throwing something together quickly - any more than that and we have a full-scale protest going on).

In the meantime, though, I am checking on things here regularly, so if you have any comments or questions, or if you have a recipe that you would like to have me try and then post on here, please feel free to let me know!

Thanks for your patience, everybody!

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